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Earn with a insurance license.


Easy to Start

Use your current license or we'll help you get what you need.


Quick Money

Sell a policy and get instant commission that won't be taken back.


No Service

Sell and earn on your terms. You'll never deal with a service call.

How GigAgent works

  • Quote

    Once you're approved, choose where and when you want to work. You'll see leads appear in your queue and you can start selling.

  • Sell

    Get unlimited leads, and choose how many personal or commercial leads you need. You’re only required to stay above your close ratio to keep the leads coming.

  • Earn

    Sign up for our digital commission wallet! For simpler payment, we cover all costs from your earnings so easy to figure out. No surprise charge backs.

  • Repeat

    Take more EcoLeads or find your own. No commitment or long-term contracts.


Frequently asked questions

Start an application on this page, or by visiting and following the prompts.
The program is currently live nationwide.
There's no long-term commitment with GigAgent. As long as you keep your insurance license active you can make money.
Our digital wallet system will allow you to instantly transfer money over to the account of your choice just like Venmo for insurance commissions.
We are not an insurance company, we are a next generation insurance ecosystem and marketplace.
You must own an iPhone or Android phone. As part of our approval process, you’ll undergo a license check and product training. Learn more about our license requirements in the Help Center.
Yes, you must be at least 18 to get an insurance license and there is never a maxium age.
No, you can sell when you want, and there is never a minimum amount of sales.
Maybe. During the application process, you might be prompted to pay a refundable branding deposit, which you will get back on your first sale.